9 Piece Chocolate Assortment

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A chocolate assortment that brings together some of Tradestone's most popular items, this box is a gourmet chocolate gift idea. It combines classic flavor combinations, like chocolate and coconut, with more creative treats, like a white chocolate with the flavors of pistachio and citrus.

What's In The Box
What's In The Box


Sweet, subtly spicy, and highly aromatic, Vietnamese cinnamon makes this chocolate a standout. The classic spice infuses rich milk chocolate ganache in this gourmet confection.

Coffee Caramel

White chocolate ganache teams up with a soft, luxurious caramel whose edge of espresso flavor will set you abuzz. This chocolate may make you forget all about those frothy coffee drinks.

Hazelnut Crunch

Like the ultimate one-bite candy bar, this chocolate provides contrasting flavors and textures. Roasted hazelnuts are surrounded by milk chocolate and thin layers of waffle crisps.

Honey Almond

An approachable blend of milk and dark chocolate, this gourmet confection combines honey with crunchy, caramelized almonds. Just the right amount of salt keeps the sweetness in check.


Sometimes you want pure chocolate. This gourmet confection contains creamy ganache made from Madagascar-sourced chocolate. The intense, rich, fruity flavors need no other embellishments.

Pistachio Citrus

When it comes to nuts and chocolate, the buttery, crunchy pistachio is often overlooked. Not here. Paired with white chocolate and hints of tart lemon, the green nut gets its due.


The jewel-like raspberry and all things cocoa are famously good together. This chocolate honors their union, allowing the bright, fruity flavors of ripe berries to underscore those notes in chocolate.

Tahitian Vanilla

Not all vanilla is created equal. Unlike the bottled stuff, Tahitian vanilla beans infuse their sweet, heady aroma and complex flavor into these stellar bites of dark chocolate ganache.

Toasted Coconut

Coconut aficionados know the finest, most flavorful specimens come from Thailand. For this gourmet confection, Thai coconut is toasted and finely grated before meeting smooth white chocolate.

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